Split Tube Furnace

Split tube furnaces, both vertical and horizontal, are suitable where the experiments demand changing of the work tube between jobs. Split tube furnaces are also used where the furnace has to be wrapped around a sample, for example as in Tensile Test Rigs.

Split tube furnaces offer the same features as that of a simple tube furnace. The split tube furnace also allows heating in a controlled atmosphere or in vacuum.  The furnace houses a work tube made of either Alumina or Quartz depending on the temperature of operation. The work tube is equipped with gas tight stainless steel flanges on both ends for gas purging and vacuum applications.

The hot zone in a tube furnace is located at the centre of the work tube, having a length of either 200, 250 or 300 mm along the length of the tube and diameter same as the inner diameter of the work tube.  

The horizontal split tube furnaces can have a maximum operating temperature of up to 1400° C. The vertical split tube furnace can have  operating temperature of 1600 C. The hot zone is heated using either metallic or Silicon Carbide or heating elements. The hot zone is insulated by multiple layers of low thermal mass vacuum formed ceramic fibre boards of a grade commensurate with the maximum furnace operating temperature. The vacuum formed fibre boards together along with furnace duel body construction having forced air circulation between the outer and inner body ensures outer skin temperature below 60° C at the maximum furnace operating temperature. The furnaces are equipped using thyristor powered by automatic programmable PID controllers ensuring control accuracy of +/- 1° C. The outer bodies of the furnaces are duly powder coated for good appearance and longer life. In Single zone split tube furnaces,  distribution of temperature follows a plateau curve inside hot zone. The distribution of temperature may improve with the use of radiation shields, increasing the length of the plateau in the curve. 

The length of uniform hot zone where temperature is +/- 5° C from temperature shown in thermocouple is less than total hot zone length and is a function of hot zone diameter and total length.

Split Tube furnaces can be customized as per user requirement.