Melt-IT is a class of clean bottom-pouring metal melting furnaces that are very energy efficient in their operation. Developed by TREELabs, it is being deployed and used by various research and academic institutions.

Melt-IT-500 is the ideal tool for creating desktop foundries. Not requiring any special and heavy duty electrical connection, it can be connected to normal 230V/5A mains socket only. In principle, Melt-IT can be made to work with relatively small alternate energy sources, say using solar panels. This level of energy-frugal operation is unprecedented in foundry practices.

When scaled up, the technology of Melt-IT furnaces can bring about significant reduction in energy consumption in conventional foundries. At present conventional foundries are literally guzzlers of electricity. We hope to make a big difference in this sector, and bring about radical changes in many other related sector. Energy is the true currency of modern economy. The more we can save, the more we can gain in the longer run. And of course we make a greener planet.

Experts from around the world express their surprise at the performance of Melt-IT and related inventions at TREELabs (


Compact design.
Energy efficient operation.
Clean bottom-pouring crucible for molten metal.
Computerized operation.
Data-logging capabilities.
Melt-capacity of 500g and 2kg
Metals: Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold and their alloys.


Education and Training
Rapid Prototyping / 3D-printing
Alloy making
Cottage Industry
Glass and Ceramic manufacture
Artists and Sculpter