Muffle Cum Tube Furnace

A muffle cum tube furnace can be used both as a muffle furnace and tube furnace. A muffle furnace is converted into a tube furnace by inserting an one end closed tube through circular ports in the door and it rests on the rear wall of a muffle furnace. Stainless Steel flanges can be attached at one end of the tube for gas purging and vacuum applications. The ports are closed using refractory blocks while the furnace is not being used as a tube furnace.

The hot zone is heated using metallic heating elements. The hot zone is insulated by multiple layers of low thermal mass vacuum formed ceramic fibre boards of a grade commensurate with the furnace operating temperature. The vacuum formed fibre boards together along with furnace dual body construction having forced air circulation between the outer and inner body ensures outer skin temperature below 60° C at the maximum furnace operating temperature. The hot zone generally has a refractory insulated swivel aside door. The door design ensures almost no heat loss from the door during operation.

The furnaces are equipped using thyristor powered by automatic programmable PID controllers ensuring control accuracy of +/- 1° C. The outer bodies are duly powder coated for good appearance and longer life. These furnaces have a temperature uniformity of +/- 3 C throughout the hot zone.

The maximum operating temperature of these furnaces range from 600° C to 1600° C.

These furnaces can be customized as per user requirement.