Hawk Eye Furnace

India’s first International Furnace

Hawk Eye is about strictly keeping an eye on essentials. This focus on essentials helped us realize a product that you always wanted to have in your lab. These furnaces are result of tripartite technical and manufacturing collaboration between Ants Ceramics, LINN Gmbh and Tempsens, India and as a result they bring to you a combination of German Furnace Design, Accurate Sensing and Controls and all this getting manufactured in India. HAWK EYE furnaces have,
Compact design and are readily available
Best in class heating elements and insulation
Profile controller with a variety of optional control features
Fast heating and cooling cycles
These furnaces save bench space, time, energy and are up-to-date with latest design and technology features. They are available in two continuous operating temperature ranges namely 1500°C and 1600°C.

Hawk Eye Lab Furnace that can simply be plugged into a standard 230V, 15Amp outlet without the need for an electrician. This breakthrough design is made possible by a unique combination of Zirconia and alumina insulation, which exploits the hot strength of alumina and low thermal conductivity of zirconia. The furnace insulation package is a three layer. Graded design that ensures the proper heat flow through each layer for maximum life.
This compact unit easily fits just about anywhere in the laboratory and does not require any special setting surface. The standard cooling fan feature keeps the furnace shell cool enough to protect the user from any potential burn, even at 1600°C.

The furnace is available with an optional data logger to link the furnace to your computer and record the temperature history in real time and later save the firing curve.
The outer shell of furnace is powder coated heavy gauge steel while the face plate is of stainless steel. The furnace is heated by four 1800°C grade MoSi2 heating elements, which are connected to the power supply by oversized aluminum braids to assure reliable service. The standard furnace comes with a simple element type R /B thermocouple.
The furnace has a one year warranty for all components except the heating elements.

Technical Specifications of Hawk Eye Furnace

Useful chamber dimensions

Approx. 140 × 100 × 160 mm (h×w×d)
Outside dimensions of furnace Approx. 800 × 460 × 545 mm (h×w×d)
Chamber volume Approx. 2.25liters
Furnace housing MS Powder coated housing with double body construction and front sheet of SS
Max. Operating temperature 1600°C / 1700°C
Continuous working temperature 1500°C / 1600°C
Heating-up time to 1500°C empty Approx. 150 minutes
Cooling-down from 1500°C to 600°C empty (when furnace door is closed) Approx. 160 minutes
Heating power Approx. 3.5 KW
Voltage 230V / 50Hz / 1 Phase
Weight Approx. 80 Kg
Thermocouple R / B Type, Simplex Type
T/C Calibrated by NABL accredited lab
Temperature control resolution +/- 1°C
Furnace skin temperature @ 1600°C skin

Double body construction of furnace is to make temperature of furnace approx. 30°C above room temperature