Crystal Growth Furnace

This furnace is used to grow single crystals using the Bridgman Method. The equipment consists of a multizone tube furnace with a pulling device designed specifically for growing crystals using the Bridgman method. The pulling device pulls the material through a decreasing temperature gradient in a multizone furnace leading to formation of a single crystal.

Application Examples

Growing of single crystals, Bridgman method

Standard features

  • Bridgman method - Crystal growing
  • In vacuum up to 1450 °C
  • In an inert atmosphere up to 1800 °C
  • Precisely defined and controlled pulling speed
  • Manual operation
  • Data recording option

Technical details

The Bridgman Crystal Growth Furnace includes heating elements of MoSi2 that are mounted in a vertical, hanging position and are surrounded by vacuum formed plates to insulate the heat from the housing. The housing is slotted to enable convection cooling of the casing. Depending on the melting point of the sample, the maximum temperature is designed up to 1600 °C, 1700 °C, or 1800 °C. For the pulling device, two motors with different transmission ratios are implemented. For instance, the fast moving of the samples is possible with a speed of approximately 10 mm/s, whereas the Bridgman crystal growing process, the pulling speed is only 0.00001 mm/s (10 nm/s).

All connecting tubes of the lower water cooled flange are inserted in a drag chain. The control thermocouple is a type B thermocouple. An overtemperature thermocouple is optional and highly recommended as unattended operation is likely due to the long time period needed for the crystal growing process.

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